We offer companies, both those which already have contact centers and ones which are newly establishing it, a large scope of solutions for its design and for building efficient processes of customer service.

The main functional properties of contact centers should include:

  • intelligent routing of incoming calls;
  • organization of outgoing calls;
  • calls using alternative technologies (chat, e-mail, sms, co-browse);
  • interactive voice response (IVR) function;
  • automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech conversion (TTS).
  • recording of talks;

It is optionally possible to have integration with corporate applications, in particular, databases, CRM systems, including those based on automatic recognition of caller's incoming number.

Our company carries out both implementation of integrated complexes and integration in an existing contact center of individual business applications, including but not limited to:

  • Quality Management subsystem;
  • WorkForce Management;
  • Performance Management;
  • e-Learning.

The range of company's services in the area of contact centers consists of a classic set:

  • audit of automation object;
  • technical and business consulting;
  • design stage;
  • feasibility study on a model in the company's laboratory;
  • delivery of equipment to the customer's site;
  • installation and setup of hardware and software;
  • cross-integration of hardware and software solutions of various vendors and their integration with existing contact centers;
  • training of customer's employees;
  • technical support and maintenance.

Business and technology consulting services are necessary for choosing the solutions which satisfy customers' business needs to the maximum.