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Contact center is an integrated software and hardware solution intended for efficient reception, routing, processing, and registration of incoming and outgoing calls of clients made using various types of communications. The primary goal of contact center's operation is to provide a subscriber with required information or rendering of another type of information service.

Expertise of AKTOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS in the area of contact centers is based on the experience in performance of a number of complex projects both for companies working in the field of service provider business, and financial institutions, consulting and transport companies, industry sector as well as outsourcing contact centers. The role of our company in projects for the above-listed industries consists not only and not so much in the selection and implementation of technical components as, to a greater extent, in solving the tasks of organization and optimization of business process of a contact center.

Technical basis of solutions is constituted by products of global leaders in manufacture of hardware and software in this field - such as Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, and others. Improvement of work efficiency of operators of contact centers and provision of additional types of services in most cases require solving of associated problems which should include, above all, the following:

  • Recording of talks
  • Quality Management;
  • Workforce Management;
  • Performance Management;
  • e-Learning.

The above-listed areas of focus are implemented with the help of software from such partners as Verint, Zoom, Nice, Genesys, etc.

As a partner of leading manufacturers of hardware and software for contact centers, AMT GROUP offers its customers a wide range of engineering solutions and is successful in performing cross-integration between products of different manufacturers.

High level of expertise achieved by the company enables it to hold strong positions on the rapidly developing market of contact centers where extra advantage is given through capability of testing of promising products in own laboratory.

We offer companies, both those already having contact centers and ones which are newly building them, a large scope of services for their establishment, modernization, and development, as well as for building efficient processes of customer service.

The main functional properties of contact centers include:

  • intelligent routing of incoming calls;
  • organization of outgoing calls;
  • calls using alternative technologies (chat, e-mail, sms, co-browse);
  • interactive voice response (IVR) function;
  • automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech conversion (TTS);
  • recording of talks.

It is optionally possible to have integration with corporate applications, in particular, databases, CRM systems, including those based on automatic recognition of caller's incoming number.

The range of company's services in the area of contact centers consists of a classic set:

  • audit of automation object;
  • technical and business consulting;
  • design stage;
  • feasibility study on a model in the company's laboratory;
  • delivery of equipment to the customer's site;
  • installation and setup of hardware and software;
  • cross-integration of hardware and software solutions of various vendors and their integration with existing contact centers;
  • training of customer's employees;
  • technical support and maintenance.

Business and technology consulting services are necessary for selection of solutions which satisfy customer's business demands as accurately as possible.

To provide fail safe operation of contact centers, AMT GROUP offers basic technical support, proactive technical support, and outsourcing of contact center's operation.

Technical support of contact centers

Basic technical support envisages the following services - consultations and advice on technical issues, replacement and restoration of failed equipment, delivery of the equipment to be replaced to the customer's site, visit of service experts. These measures reduce the downtime of contact centers caused by technical reasons after failures and, as a consequence, enhance the performance of contact centers.

Proactive technical support consists in organization of proactive measures designed for prevention and correstion of potential failures in the operation of contact centers. Such service is based on monitoring of contact center's operation and includes gathering of information on the operation of systems, prior notification based on the monitoring and analysis of the levels of critical parameters, as well as advance planning of modernization for correction of potential problem areas, regular examination of the status of technical solution being serviced, generation and review of analytical reports on the operation of contact center according to a planned schedule.

Another essential type of services is outsourcing of contact center's operation, which enables a customer to concentrate efforts on the core business of the company, increasing cost-efficiency of running the contact centre, and to get the guaranteed quality of managing the IT infrastructure.