SolutionsInfrastructural solutions

Business processes of modern companies and organizations rely essentially on a wide variety of automation systems which in turn are based on a developed IT infrastructure.

In this connection, high availability of information services becomes critical for running a business, which means just how professionally and soundly the IT infrastructure is designed, deployed, and serviced. Poor design solutions cause breakdowns, service interruptions, low performance and response time of IT systems, high costs of operation, and unscheduled upgrades of IT infrastructure. Our company offers a wide range of solutions and services in the field of creating both separate components of IT infrastructures and integrated solutions in this area.

The reasons initiating construction of a new one or modernization of the existing infrastructures are as follows:

  • Providing the required level of IT infrastructure when deploying applied software packages ensuring automation of the company's core business;
  • Upgrade of existing IT infrastructure for compliance with the increased business or market demands;
  • Consolidation or separation of IT infrastructures at merging of companies or detachment of several independent business units from a large company;
  • Improving performance of company as a whole and of its individual employees owing to greater controllability and stability of IT infrastructure;
  • Compliance with requirements of law and regulatory authorities.

Our company offers a wide range of solutions and services for creation of both separate components of IT infrastructures and integrated solutions in this area. The following major technology trends can be distinguished:

  • Wire and wireless corporate data communication networks;
  • High-performance server systems, including those with high reliability and availability;
  • Technical safety of corporate networks;
  • Networks and systems of data storage and processing;
  • Data backup and archiving systems;
  • Corporate program systems such as e-mail, directory service, etc.
  • Virtualization and system platforms;
  • IT infrastructure monitoring and control systems;
  • Utilities of buildings and structures;

We are experienced in creating IT infrastructures of different scale in all types of business industries, as well as in governmental structures. Many projects have been connected with establishment of IT structures for companies with a developed distributed network of subdivisions and branches. Long experience in building solutions on the basis of equipment and software from global suppliers makes it possible to implement projects based on integration of equipment of various manufacturers. Company's engineers select a solution paying individual attention to the needs of each customer, considering their technical and organizational capabilities and features, as well as investments having been made previously.

Special mention should be made of solutions with respect to organization of cluster, distributed, and disaster tolerant configurations, if such solutions are required by customer for ensuring the continuity of business. We can also offer development of private cloud systems as a technology for creating an up-to-date operational IT resource management model.

Architectural solutions used by the company have been implemented and tested in practice on multiple occasions, ensuring high availability, reliability, and development and extension capacity of IT infrastructure. The principal element is the stage of marketing, inspection, and testing of implemented solutions at a special Center of the company, thus reducing risks in a project and simplifying deployment of implemented systems at the customer's site.

Service division of the company provides full range of technical support services for IT infrastructure, including services of various service level.