SolutionsUnified communications

Unified communications (UC) are a combination of mutually integrated technologies and services which are capable of providing customers with different types of communication services: telephony, video conferencing, instant messenger service, co-authoring of documents, presence information, call management, and speech recognition in integration with unified mail systems (e-mail, SMS, fax, and voice mail).

UC are implemented through integration of a set of software and hardware systems which provide a user with standardized interfaces and access to services on various subscriber devices, from casual landline phone to mobile devices, such as a tablet, cell phone, mobile and desktop computers, etc.). UC solutions have been developed for acceleration of users' operations and extension of functionality provided to users in the form of communication services for employees of a company, its clients and partners.

UC are based on IP protocol and multiservice data networks which provide a universal environment for various types of traffic (voice, video, data) and ensure the uniform types of its processing on computers of standard architecture.

AKTOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS offers implementation of a wide range of solutions in the area of unified communications:

  • Corporate communication systems

    Telephone communication systems for corporate sector of the market are a key trend in the range of company's technologies; they are deployed on the basis of corporate multiservice data networks and VoIP (Voice over IP) technology.

    The task of introducing digital telephony consists in creating a unified corporate telephone network for geographically dispersed structures with support of unified internal number assignment. The complex of solutions for digital corporate telephone communication serves as a basis for deployment of unified communications systems, as far as it provides a basis for integration of the UC information and communication components.

  • Videoconferencing and TELEPRESENCE systems

    Videoconferencing technologies and solutions considerably expand the scope of telecommunication services because of adding the service of digital visual information transfer and delivery to the services of information transmission in the form of data and voice, thus enhancing the communication efficiency in many areas of business, industry, public management, education sectors, etc.

  • Selector communication and conference circuit

    Conference calls and conference circuit are quite common traditional methods of management in Russian companies and organizations.

    Selector communication systems installed in the analog era are outdated by now both in terms of style and in terms of engineering; normally they are discontinued and not supported by manufacturers, many companies and organizations having already transferred their corporate networks from traditional PBX to IP telephony. Western designers and vendors of solutions in this area use to, commonly partially but more often completely, disregard special features of this type of communication which is traditional for the Russian conditions.

  • Corporate mail systems

    Services of development and implementation of corporate mail systems are offered by AKTOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS to companies and organizations and they provide data exchange with the use of e-mail messages, instant messages, as well as group interaction facilities in the form of calendar service, notes, tasks, etc.

    Information corporate mailing systems are designed based on locally developed software which is included in the official unified register of Russian software of the Ministry of Communications of Russia.

  • Contact centers